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Congratulations Microsoft User! Your Computer May Have Won (1) Visa $1000 Gift Card!

July 16, 2017

Rewards are limited, please take this short survey. We sincerely hope that you can give us your opinions so we can make We want to provide the most convenient service for you. Your opinion matters!

Simply answer 4 questions below and claim a Visa $1000 Gift Card!

ACT NOW! 9 other Microsoft users have received this invitation with only 5 prizes to win.

You have 2 minutes 01 seconds to answer the questions before someone else takes over your spot. Good luck!

Question 1 of 3: Are you a regular Visa customer?


Question 2 of 3: How often do you use Visa service?


Question 3 of 3: Have you ever redeemed discount coupons for Visa?


Analysing your answer.

No double registrations found.

There are (10) Visa Gift Cards left.

You are qualified for (1) $1000 Visa Gift Card

Congratulations! You are qualified to get a $1000 Visa Gift Card !

Click below to claim your gift card. Thank you for your participation:


(1) $1,000 Visa Gift Card worth US$1000 has been reserved to you by Visa


On the next page, enter your valid email and the shipping address (DHL Next Day Delivery) Note: We do not ship the reward to a PO Box!

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Callum Davy

WON! Thank you Visa! Thank you Visa!!!

sLike · Comment ·34· Just now

Ella Blunt

Thought at first that this was a joke, but my Gift Card actually came today with DHL #legit and now I now I can invite my friends lol

Like · Comment ·34· Just now

Ryan Cowell

That's cool! We never won anything before!! Thank you Visa !! We received the gold version

Like · Comment ·8· Just now

Owen Winkler

Thank you!! thank you!! thank you!!! Love that !

Like · Comment ·31· Just now

Ben Elibar

Just got a call from them that I won. I'm so glad that I took part of it.

Like · Comment ·100· Just now

Logan Lupino

Five days ago I invited 10 friends and it qualified me for the gift card, and today I received it. Thanks !

Like · Comment ·52· Just now

Martha Wolton

Mine arrived today by mail. Thank you Visa for my gift card ( Can I have another one? haha :)!

Like · Comment ·35·July 16, 2017

Maya Eichhorn

Was not sure if this was true, but just got my gift card ! cool!

Like · Comment ·45·July 16, 2017

Sam Wacker

Thought that it was a joke, but the gift card came this morning by mail. I want to do more surveys! Lol

Like · Comment ·10·July 16, 2017

Lexie Emin

Have you ever seen this before, I ignored it because I thought it was a fake page. Now I've even tried it for myself and got it real! COOL!

Like · Comment ·13·July 16, 2017

Sebastian Waugh


Like · Comment ·5-July 16, 2017